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  • The best of both worlds - A redemption and merchandiser all in one!
  • Game play: Stop the chasing light on the "Win Zone" to spin the wheel & win up to "500" Bonus tickets or a "Grand Prize".
  • Original manufacturer warranty is included.


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The most unique redemption game in the industry. X PRIZE is a ticket redemption game and merchandiser all in one. This game is offered as a two player unit. The object of the game is to stop the outer light in the "WIN ZONE". If you stop the chasing light in the win zone the INNER WHEEL will automatically spin giving the player a chance to win more tickets. If the wheel stops in the PRIZE area, the player can choose from four prizes that are located in the display case. If you don't stop on the WIN ZONE, tickets are still awarded on the outer ring. Both wheel stations operate independently. Each player station can hold 16,000 tickets. This game has both player appeal and flash.

  • Boxed 1 - 36"D x 43" W x 92" H - Call for weight
  • Boxed 2 - 36"D x 43" W x 92" H - Call for weight
  • Boxed 3 - 36"D x 43" W x 92" H - Call for weight
  • Unboxed - 36" D x 94" W x 82" H - Weight 1,100 lbs.

  • Call for technical specifications


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