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  • Aluminum Extruded Top Rails
  • Commercial-Grade Blower Motor
  • Flush Top Rails
  • Cabinet Aprons and Playfield Supports—All Constructed of MDF
  • Concealed Rail Fasteners
  • High-Pressure Laminate Playfield Surface
  • Infrared Electronic Scoring Unit
  • Solid Polymer Legs with Levelers
  • Solid, Commercial-Grade, Mallets and 3¼” Wide Solid Pucks
  • Original Manufacturer Warranty Included

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  1. Details
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  3. Technical Specifications

Aluminum Extruded Top Rails Provides an overlap of the playfield so pucks stay-in-play more often. Commercial-Grade Blower Motor Same style blower found on arcade models designed to hover the larger and heavier 3¼” pucks. Flush Top Rails Black, powder-coated rails are consistent height around the sides and ends of the table, notably in the goal areas. Goal openings are designed “below” the surface of the top rails for arcade-like longevity. Cabinet Aprons and Playfield Supports—All Constructed of MDF Side and end aprons are chip, mar and scratch resistant. Engineered down corners provide structural integrity. Concealed Rail Fasteners Hidden fasteners stabilize the top rails through the playfield for performance rebound and deflection. High-Pressure Laminate Playfield Surface Bonded to ¾”-thick MDF with routed air chambers. Infrared Electronic Scoring Unit Allows you to select from several game options including 15, 10, or 5 minute games, race to score 10, 7 or 5 goals, or unlimited Free Play. ¾” Playfield Supported by Two Full MDF “Beams” Running Side-To-Side Provides precision flatness. Solid Polymer Legs with Levelers 3” floor levelers adjustable up to 1”. Solid, Commercial-Grade, Mallets and 3¼” Wide Solid Pucks Provide arcade-style feel upon contact and during play. The same size found in arcade air-powered hockey games.

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • Unboxed - 30 1/2" H x 44 3/4" W x 84 3/4" D - Weight 290 lbs.

  • Legs: 3½" x 3½” Solid-Core Polymer
  • Apron Surface: “Walnut" Melamine


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