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Flush-mount corner castings
New down corner detailing
5-bolt threaded-insert Panther Rail system eliminates any remaining dead spots
Flush-mount rubber pocket liners, removable with 2 surface-flush screws
Cheyenne Leather look of the celebrated “Valley Model 32”
Magnetic Cue Ball separator with no moving parts uses a cue ball the EXACT SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT as the object balls
One piece ball collector, quieter with no hang ups
Valley exclusive Dual-Density cushion rail rubber by D&R Championship – for responsiveness and accuracy
Diamond markers, permanently printed and coated with clear melamine layer
Quality Imported Slate
Replaceable coin chute housing, breaks away without damaging cabinet, replaces easily
3/4" Seven-ply solid-core plywood cabinet
Adjustable ESD push chute

 Side-by-side and end-to-end slate support


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