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Your Champ Price... $10,495.00
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  • Force-Feedback Steering
  • 42” or 32" LCD Monitor
  • Easy Installation
  • 6 Selectable NASCAR-Sanctioned Tracks
  • Right Boost Buttons
  • Surround Sound Audio
Link Up to 4 Cabinets


  1. Details
  2. Dimensions
  3. Technical Specifications

Loops and leaps are front and center in this high-flying racing game. High powered F-Jet racers provide a totally realistic racing experience with fine-tuned handling, air controls and over-boosted engines. Single players can enjoy the heart-pounding action or heighten the competition by linking up to 4 game cabinets. Standard racing rules apply… but that is the only thing standard in this Twisted game!
Game Features: Players can drive 4 different F-Jet all terrain racing beasts. Aerial handling and collision. 5 race tracks, each with its own characteristics. Tackle enormous jumps, huge loops, ramps and pipes. Multiple surface types - mud, asphalt, sand, grass and metal.
Track Categories: Aerobatics – The Aerobatic category is characterized by its twisted and menacing metal structures, which climb high into the air. Controlling speed is essential here to avoid the fatal fall. Jump – The Jump category gives drivers one more element to control: the air. The F-Jet's mobile wings and jet engines enable speed and trajectory control during jumps. Supercross – The Supercross category offers a surface made up mainly of dirt. Controlling drift is fundamental for negotiating the slopes and the bumps well.
Hardware Features: Force-Feedback Steering, 42” or 32" LCD Monitor, Easy Installation, Right Boost Buttons, Surround Sound Audio, Link Up to 4 Cabinets

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • 40" W x 68" D x 79" H - Weight 471 lbs.

  • 42” or 32" LCD Monitor
  • Link Up to 4 Cabinets


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