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  • Multi-ball
  • Playfield Magnet(s)
  • Ramp(s)
  • Multiple Playfield Levels
  • Cellar Holes
  • Voice
  • Wide Body
  • More Than 2 Flippers
  • Playfield Mechanical Animation
  • Significantly Collectible


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The Twilight Zone pinball machine is undoubtedly one of the greatest pinball machines – ever. You would have an extremely difficult time finding a pinball enthusiast who didn't rank this stunning machine at the top of the heap. Released by Midway in 1993, the Twilight Zone pinball machine set a new standard for pinball machines that has yet to be topped.


After the legendary Addams Family machine was met with resounding critical success, Midway gave creator Pat Lawlor complete creative control to create a successor.  Thus was born the Twilight Zone pinball game. Topping the Addams Family game is not an easy feat, to say the least, and the result was a highly ambitious and complex table that once again changed the face of pinball at the time.


This table features an abundance of captivating features, including an analog clock, magnet propulsion, a working gumball machine, and a ceramic ball that offered lighter weight and no magnetism. This packed game offers many single-ball modes, with 4 additional multi-ball modes as well.


A Playable Classic


This iconic game currently holds the highest ranking as the top pinball machine of all time on the highly respected Internet Pinball Machine Database. Consistently reviewed as a game that never gets old, this is definitely an ideal buy for anyone with limited space or funds. This is the table that seasoned players flock to, even in a room full of machines.


Whether you are shopping around for that one perfect pinball table, or you want something new for a game room, there is no way to go wrong with the Twilight Zone pinball machine. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help secure your purchase of this premiere pinball machine.


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