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He’s back! This is one cinematic pinball experience even Arnold is not going to miss. This game lets you get in on the action along with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most celebrated roles. And with a new Terminator movie in production featuring the Austrian action hero, you can expect increasing interest in titles associated with the franchise.


This particular game has a couple interesting features, which makes it stand out for collectors as well as people looking to rekindle the nostalgia of classic games. Designed as a tie-in to the movie release in 1993, this was a collaboration between two giants. Williams, the brand name of WMS Manufacturing, was one of the most influential producers of arcade games during the ‘80s and ‘90s, pioneering many of the features that became industry standards. On the other hand was the creative genius of one of Hollywood’s most successful writers and directors: James Cameron.


It’s not surprising that this became one of the most popular themed pinball machines ever produced. And unlike many other tie-ins, Terminator 2 has staying power; FarSight Studios is responding to continued popularity of the game and considering reintroducing the Terminator 2 Pinball in digital format. Of course, nothing compares to having the actual machine and testing your skill at home.


Here at Game Room Champ, we have the original Terminator 2 Pinball Machine, pre-played but in optimal condition. Big-name game titles like these remain popular among collectors and usually continue to appreciate over time. A fully restored Pinball Machine can be great for play as well as increase value over time.


The Terminator 2 Pinball Machine comes with a couple of unique features that make it especially desirable for collectors. It’s the first machine to be designed to include a Dot Matrix Display (DMD), featuring scenes from the movie as well as special animations. With an advanced computer, it was able to include new and more complex play options. It was also the first game to feature a video mode and the first with a player-fired swing-out cannon.


In total, 15,202 units were built, making it a fairly common cabinet. This means that the market price is relatively low, and it’s a lot easier to find parts and maintenance tutorials. Of course, at Game Room Champ, we’ll give you all the help and advice you need to keep your machine in tip-top shape.


Terminator 2 remains a top gameroom choice, because of its extra features and high level of interactive play. It even has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice to give the explosive play an extra boost. If you are die-hard Terminator fan, then this is the game for you!


Game Room Champ has over 30 years of experience with pinball machines and is a trusted family-run business with a 100% enjoyment guarantee. Get in touch with one of our Personal Shopping Consultants to make the best out of your purchase. Find out about our Hassle Free Shipping process to make sure you get your Terminator 2 Pinball Machine as soon as possible.

  • Boxed - 54" H x 29" W x 54" D - Weight 245 lbs.
  • Unboxed - 75" H x 29" W x 54" D - Weight 225 lbs.

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