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Game Room Champ FAQ

Game Room Champ’s got games!  But it doesn’t just stop there because games need accessories. We’ve got those, too!  In fact, we are the largest game room retailer in the country.  Besides our top-notch selection of games and supplies, one of the things that make us stand out from our competitors is our superior customer service.   For 33 years, we have tried to go above and beyond your expectations of what a game room business should be. You responded by making us the nation’s number one game room retailer!


While we offer the best game room products online today, our customer service comes second-to-none. From our Award-Winning Champ Stamp of Approval to our "White-Glove In-Home Platinum," it’s hard to decide on one service that meets all your needs!


Still, with an unrivaled inventory of games and lots of unbeatable customer service options, many times, customers have questions about our products, services or process.  Don’t worry! We’re here to help.  Below, is a list of frequently asked questions, which we hope you find helpful as you navigate our site:



 Q: What do you mean when you say "White Glove Delivery Service?"

"White Glove Delivery Service" is a service that delivers right to your door. While there are charges and certain restrictions that apply, this is a four-hour delivery service, where 2 delivery men with a lift gate  unpack your merchandise, place it in a specified area, and provide 60 minutes of on-site time. 


We also offer our "White-Glove Delivery-Platinum" service, as well.  You receive the same services as "White Glove Delivery" including delivery at a designated location, up multiple flights of stairs, 60 minutes of on-site time, and light assembly of the merchandise.  Some restrictions apply.


Q:  One of the parts is not working properly on my game. How do I fix it?

Game Room Champ offers complementary lifetime technical support. Our technical service representatives are ready to assist you with any questions you have by phone or email, for the life of the game. 


We also offer various game warranties.  If you purchased a refurbished or used game, Game Room Champ provides a 120 Refurbished / Used Merchandise Limited Warranty.  Please be advised that issues like misuse or damage caused by shipping, moving or attempting to repair the merchandise by anyone not authorized by GMC, are not covered under our warranty.


Q:  After purchasing and receiving my game, I've decided I want to return it. What's your

      return policy?

If you've purchased your game, there’s a 7-day window to return the merchandise once it’s been delivered, for any reason.  You are subject to fees and shipping costs.  However, if you've purchased and received your game and it’s been longer than a week, all sales are final.


Q:  How do I sign up for the 7-Day 100% Enjoyment Guarantee?

No need to sign up. If you've purchased any of our products and the merchandise has been delivered, you have 7 days from the date of acceptance to return it for any reason, minus shipping charges.    


Q:  What is the 45-day 100% Enjoyment Guarantee?

We offer every customer the option of returning any product 45 days after acceptance of delivery, minus shipping charges.


Q:  Does my game come with a warranty?

All new merchandise comes with the original manufacturer warranty. However, if your game is refurbished or used, Game Room Champs does provide a complimentary 120-day refurbished/used merchandise limited warranty.  You are covered the first 120 days after the day you receive the product, and all games sold and delivered in the U.S. and Canada, telephone diagnosis and repair, and any necessary parts.  Some restrictions apply.    


Q:  What if I wanted to purchase an extended warranty?

Game Room Champ offers a 2-year and 4-year Extended Warranty Plan. You receive additional coverage for 2 years (or 4 years) from the date of delivery, in addition to the original manufacturer warranty. We cover the labor for games shipped or brought back to Game Room Champ and some accessories.  Some restrictions apply.


Q:  Game Room Champ offers personal shopping consultants?

Yes.  We are dedicated to the level of customer service we provide to you and want to ensure that your experience with us brings you back for more. Our personal consultants are here to assist in helping you make the best possible choice in games that you and your family will enjoy. We never sell you just anything.  Our consultants also answer any questions you might have about our products, accessories or services. 


Q:  Are there game room packages available?

Utilizing the experience of Game Room Champ’s staff, national game report studies, and customer feedback we’ve put together our “Game Room Collections” – a compilation of games that bring family together.  Our packages are designed to enhance your user experience and save you money.


Q:  Do you ship merchandise outside of the U.S.?

As the largest game room site, we can ship games anywhere in the world. We provide you with a customized shipping quote that includes our Champ Stamp of Approval.  Just call 1-877-355-GAME (4263). 


Q:  How do I correctly determine the weight and dimension of my game?

After looking at all of the technical specifications and you still have questions about the weight and dimension of any our merchandise, please contact us prior to your purchase. Game Room Champ is not responsible for any merchandise not meeting your measurement requirements.


Q:  What methods of payment do you accept?

Game Room Champ accepts Bank Wire Transfers, Personal or Business Check, Money Order, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Network.  


Q:  How long does it take to receive my game after I purchase it?

From the date of purchase, most of our products are delivered between 1 and 4 weeks.  There are factors beyond our control that may affect the length of time it takes for your shipment to reach you.  


Q:  How do will ship my order?

All orders will be shipped via freight carrier, UPS, USPS or Fed-Ex.


Q:  What if I prefer that my order be shipped by a carrier other than what Game Room Champ designates?

If you have preferred method of shipping, please contact us directly. Shipping requests must be made in writing.  Also, when ordering multiple products, Game Room Champ reserves the right to ship various types of merchandise by different methods as deemed reasonable by us.    


Q:  What happens if I receive a shipment that is damaged or broken?

While Game Room Champ employs a rigorous inspection process, we can not be responsible for any damage caused during shipment.  We recommend inspecting the product thoroughly before signing for receipt of any shipment.  If there is slight damage, note those details on the bill of lading supplied by the Shipping/Freight Company.  If you find damage to the crate but can’t tell if the contents inside are damaged, accept the shipment and sign the receipt SUBJECT TO FURTHER INCEPTION COULD CONTAIN CONCEALED DAMAGE and notify us know within 2 days.  We’ll file a claim.    


Q:  What is the Champ Triple Test?

The Triple Champ Test is conducted before every shipment to make sure the product is in complete working order before leaving the warehouse. 


Q:  I’m looking for a game on the site. I can’t find it. Can you help?

Game Room Champ has over 2,000 game options and the largest selection anywhere. If there’s something you can’t find, ask us. We have extensive gaming industry relationships and may be able to find what you’re looking for.  


Q:  Is there a charge for set-up?

Game Room Champ provides complimentary lifetime technical support by phone for installation or set up.   We offer additional installation services.  Pricing is available when you call.


Q:  What is No-Worry Hassle-Free Shipping?

No-Worry Hassle-Free Shipping includes “The Champ Triple Test”, Shipping Insurance Coverage, White Glove In-Home Platinum, and Real Time Support & Tracking. 


Q:  What is curbside shipping?

Curbside shipping is merchandise delivered to the curb or driveway of your residence with a LIFT GATE.  A delivery driver unloads the product during standard hour delivery times.


Q:  Do you offer free shipping?

Game Room Champ offers free shipping on those products throughout the site marked with the FREE SHIPPING promo tag.


Q:  What if I need more than one game to be shipped? 


We can provide a multiple shipping item discount when you call for a shipping quote. 


Q:  What does Champ Stamp of Approval mean?

Choosing who to trust when investing in family fun is an important decision. Game Room Champ has some of the highest levels of quality-assurance standards online today.  And with each shipment, we conduct a rigorous inspection before shipping merchandise out to you. Our products are certified and accredited by companies likes the National Better Business Bureau. We are a direct authorized dealer of all of the new products we sell.

Q:  What are the brand names of the games you offer?

Our selection of games is the largest anywhere.  Choose between 2,000 trusted brands from Valley-Dynamo, Namco, and Champion Shuffleboard to Stern Pinball, Incredible Technologies, and Rock-Ola. Check out our collection of games online to get a comprehensive look at what we offer.  


Q:  What types of arcade games do you have?

We feature arcade games such as driving and fighting, dance and music, pre-played, shooting, and sports games. Game Room Champ also has new and used arcade games for your enjoyment.


Q:  What are some of the features of your dance and music games?

Our dance and music games are some of the funniest games around!  What's great about these games is that they're completely interactive, getting the entire body involved - all ages are encouraged to participate, as many games adjust to the skill level of each player. The Dance Dance Revolution Supernova features over 300 tracks and music videos.  Pump It Up Deluxe Plasma features a calorie loss graph, a training station for beginning players, and a myriad of songs to choose from. While the Pump It Up Flat Screen has over 870 dance routines offering players a great aerobic workout!  


Q:  What is a multicade game?

A multicade game brings games from various eras like the 80s and 90s together in one unit.

Q:  Do the multicade games come with a flat screen TV?

Games like the Arcade Legends 3 are available with an integrated Flat Panel TV mount. You also have the option of not using the stand and mounting your television to the wall. 


Q:  What's the difference between the Bags-Target Toss Pro with 27" monitor and the Bags-Target Toss Pro with 32" High-Def LCD?

Both games are popular for their target toss pro game technology and the ability to allow players to set up multi-man tournaments. The Bags-Target Toss Pro with 27" monitor as it suggests, comes with a 27" monitor, and the Bags-Target Toss Pro with 32" - High-Def LCD comes with a 32" high definition game monitor and extra features like an oversized control panel and more dynamic game play.         


Q:  What are some of the features of the touchscreen video games?

Touchscreens are the 21st century's answer to the arcade game. Smaller and more compact, brands like Merit offer a 19" wide angle screen, 700 Mars bill stacker with coin acceptor, and super fast software updates with "Quick-Click" drive.  


Q:  What are some of the bestselling Pinball Machines?

The Adams Family Pinball machine is a well-known brand, as well as a bestseller.  It's sold more than 200,000 units since 1992 under the name of Bally. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it was featured at a time when the pinball industry had just begun to flourish.     


Our Cactus Pinball Machine is not only a collector's item, but a classic. This machine is the very last standard pinball machine ever created by Williams/Bally and with less than 925 in production, the Cactus Pinball is one of the hottest and most rare machines today. 


The Creature from the Black Lagoon is another popular Bally creation. The Creature from the Black Lagoon is a 1950's sci-fi horror classic that has drive-in theatre graphics, marquee, and '50 automobiles. This game’s even better if you are a collector of movie memorabilia.


Q:  What types of game room furniture do you sell?

The Game Room Champ's Home Theatre System is a must-have for the avid TV watcher.  It features the ideal theatre seating configuration and comes in wide variety of fabrics.


The Renegade Back Bar is also a popular item, as it comes with recessed canopy lights, storage drawers, bottle shelf and stem rack.


The MegaSofa is a 6-piece solid hardwood sofa complete with ottoman. It comes with your choice of bonded or top grain leather, a fully-padded frame cover, and zippered, fabric backed cushions, backs, seats, and arms. The Mega Sofa comfortably seats 8 on a larger- than-a-King-sized sofa.


The Game Room Champ also features the Renegade Shuffleboard. Complete with everything you need, the Shuffleboard includes pucks, stainless steel abacus scorer, table brush, climate adjusters, and table cover.    


The Renegade Bar is another great item. This 60” bar features a lockable cabinet, wine chiller, stemware racks, adjustable shelves, and is perfect for the game room.  Some other really cool details include the drink well's LED lighting, a metal footrest, laser etching, and the bar's Skull and Flames logo.     





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