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  • 3 Hyper-Realistic 18-Hole Courses.
  • 1-8 Players can Compete.
  • Tournament Mode for 4-16 Players.
  • Local Leaderboards.
  • Course Champion Screens.
  • Huge Variety of Techniques and Strategy.
  • Featuring the Hit List - a New Way to Connect with Players.


  1. Details
  2. Dimensions
  3. Technical Specifications

The creative minds behind IT's video products are flexing their muscles with the new miniature golf experience, PowerPuttô! PowerPutt mixes the competitive nature of IT's video games with a heightened level of fun and excitement in this realistic, 3-course miniature golf game. From skilled pros to average joes, PowerPutt challenges players of all types - young, old, male, female and couples too! Whether putting through the flaming skulls of the Freaky Tiki or playing the angles on Dusty Trail, PowerPutt's "easy to learn, hard to master" play mechanic keeps players engaged the first - and every - time they play. From bars, bowling centers, movie theaters and everything in between, the unique appeal of PowerPutt is an attractive theme for a multitude of locations and players. No other game on the market mixes approachability, fun and challenge like PowerPutt - you have to see it to believe it! It's time to putt up or shut up - it's time for PowerPutt!

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • Unboxed - 85.75" H x 25.5" W x 53.25" L - Weight 220 lbs.

  • HDTV Main Game Display - The Showpiece cabinet is compatible with a vast array of readily available, 720p (or better) hi-definition televisions with flexible options for connectivity.
  • Optional Secondary Monitor - PowerPutt offers compatibility for a secondary monitor setup to display unique leaderboards and screens. The Showpiece cabinet is compatible with standard LCD computer monitors to accomplish this.
  • Monitor Mounting Solutions - New Integrated Stand from Incredible Technologies! The affordable Integrated Stand was designed especially for the IT Showpiece cabinet. The strong and sturdy metal stand is easy to assemble, and attaches securely to the Showpiece cabinet. The dual-post system can hold almost any 32"-50" HDTV. The end result is a complete, elegant and uniform game unit.
  • Other Monitor Mounting Solutions - The flexibility of the Showpiece cabinet lets operators tailor their monitor mounting needs to that of the location. Whether mounting on a stand or a wall, Incredible Technologies has a list of suggested solutions and installation procedures.
  • Audio Connectivity Options - The Showpiece cabinet ships complete with an installed speaker solution but is flexible enough to give installers the option to enhance the audio experience utilizing HDTV speakers.


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