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About Our Pinball Machines

Pinball machines take us back to a time and place where things were simpler. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you pull the launcher back, feel the spring tighten up, and let it fly - watching that little steel ball scream into play, instantly brightening up the room with flashing lights and stimulating sounds effects.

Test your reflexes and watch the scoreboard light up with constant, escalating action. How long can you keep the ball in play? Can you handle the pressure? Challenge yourself, your friends and your family in the ultimate test of hand-eye coordination as you race to master the paddles and push the high score as far as you can.

The right pinball machines can really bring your game room together and give it the feel of a classic arcade. Game Room Champ can help you satisfy your nostalgia – we have the best selection of pinball games for sale anywhere online. Whether you like action movies, comic book superheroes or game shows, we have plenty of world-famous pop culture themes for you to choose from.

Picking the right pinball game is a big decision – these pinball machines are built to last, so whatever game you buy, it will be a staple of your entertainment room for years to come. Game Room Champ, your trusted, family-owned online vendor, has only the best pinball games for sale. Take a moment to browse our inventory.


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