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  • Units can be linked for up to a 4 Player VS Battle!
  • The innovative new challenge system places an unparalleled emphasis on multiplayer mode
  • Before beginning any race, players choose whether or not they would like to accept challengers
  • If they choose to accept, they can be interrupted at any point in their solo race if someone dares to challenge them!


  1. Details
  2. Dimensions
  3. Technical Specifications

WARNING: This game will make your heart race. It has a tendency to cause multiple rushes of adrenaline. Studies show it can be addicting. In rare cases, users have become excessively competitive and aggressive towards other riders. Use at your own risk.

Hop on your choice of five bikes and race through crowded city streets! Five courses offer tons of scenery and a range of difficulties. The gameplay is easy for first time users, but there is a definite advantage to the experienced because the best racers have mastered the boost. Bank hard through turns to build the boost meter, and then straighten the bike out to blast past your rivals! For even more speed, draft behind cars, trucks, and other motorcycles. With the incredible visuals from System ES1 on Nirins 42 HD liquid crystal panel, you might not feel comfortable playing this game without a helmet!

Nirin has two single player modes: Single Race and Time Attack. Time Attack mode features traffic free roads where the racer tries to set a fastest time record. The ghost rider option shows players how they compare to their last lap, and the person who set the record time! Single Race mode pits the racer against a team of 7 rival bikers. Finish in front of the boss to win a free game!

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • Assembled: 84" W x 41.5" D x 76" H, Weight: 630 lbs

  • Linkable to 6 Positions


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