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  • Color of Top: Blue
  • Top: 4mm Alu-plastic weatherproof top
  • Coating: Repeat Roller Coating
  • Net post set: Free Killerspin Outdoor Clip-on Net-post-set included with purchase
  • Weight: 154 LBS
  • Set up style: Rollaway
  • Frame: 20mm x 50mm Heavy Gauge Metal Edge banding and 35mm Square Metal Frame
  • Dimensions: Height: 64" Length: 60" Width: 36"
  • Wheels: 75 mm wheels with casters and individual locks
  • Color options: Blue/Silver


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Take your table tennis skills and family competition beyond the game room with Killerspin’s MyT-Outdoor table. Designed with outdoor use in mind, the MyT-Outdoor is a comprised of a unique aluminum-plastic blend that delivers performance and durability so you can play in almost any weather you are willing to endure! Tough enough to withstand the elements, the MyT-Outdoor also stands up to the play within any home game room.


The MyT-Outdoor can be ready to play within 15-minutes of opening the box. Each weatherproof table half folds separately for individual playback position, warming up and solo play and allows for a snug fit during storage. Featuring a safety locking system that ensures secure placement during play and storage, the table is safe for families and children.


The eye-catching blue playing surface of the MyT-Outdoor is composed of a specialized aluminum-plastic blend that both enriches the quality of play and creates a durable finish. The white frame adds great contrast to the blue top and is comprised of 1 2/5-inch steel which also stands up to the elements.


The table rides on 3-inch casters with individual locks for smooth rolling and storage on any terrain. Four (4) individual levelers provide an even playing surface no matter whether you are by the pool, on the deck or inside the house. The MyT-Outdoor comes with a tough, outdoor weatherproof clip-on net and post system.


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