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  • Conversion Class: Namco Galaxian
  • Number of Simultaneous Players: 1
  • Maximum number of Players: 2
  • Gameplay: Alternating
  • Control Panel Layout: Single Player
  • Joystick: 4-way (up, down, left, right)


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A challenging version of the well-known Pac-Man maze game, Ms. Pac-Man is the most popular girl in the game world. Pursued by the familiar Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Sue, Ms. Pac-Man goes through 4 changing mazes that increase in difficulty and offer varying side exit locations. Each of the 4 mazes has and additional 2 side exits that give Ms. Pac-Man a total of 4 ways out of the maze. Dots score 10 points each with Power Dots serving 50 points each ghost Ms. Pac-Man munches, 200 points for the first, 400 for the second and 800 and 1600 points consecutively for the third and fourth ghosts. When Ms. Pac-Man is caught herself, she dramatically swoons and falls. As in Pac-Man, bonus fruit symbols indicate how many times a player has cleared the screen of dots. Ms. Pac-Man boasts additional bonus fruit symbols that also float freely through the maze and have higher point values when gobbled. Symbols: Cherries – 100 Points Strawberries – 200 Points Orange – 500 Points Pretzel – 700 Points Apple – 1,000 Points Pear – 2,000 Points Banana – 5,000 Points Along with sound package, players may witness the touching love story of Ms. Pac-Man’s meeting Pac-Man himself, their courtship and marriage and even the delivery of Pac-Baby™ in the three act, between-maze cartoon series. Monitor 19-inch; Orientation: Vertical;Type: Raster: Standard Resolution;CRT: Color; Electrohome G07; Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight; Unboxed - 73" H x 26 1/2" W x 23 7/8" D - Call for Weight                                                                                      


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