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  • Killerspin paragon table tennis conversion top
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  • Color of Top: Dark Blue
  • Top: 2 – 15mm MDF Halves
  • Net: Free Clip-On Net included with purchase
  • Backside: Fitted with full foam padding on entire backside
  • Original Manufacturer Warranty Included


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Economize Your Use of Space with a Conversion Top Table Tennis Accessory

If you currently own a pool table but would like to add more recreational choices in your game room, then a table tennis conversion top is a good addition. Why? Because you can easily fit the conversion table tennis top accessory on your pool table. That way, you can play either pool or ping pong, without cluttering up your game room with an extra furnishing. Therefore, adding a table tennis conversion top for pool tables enables you to fully utilize the space in your rec room and do so with economy.

Check Out the Killerspin Paragon Table Tennis Conversion Top on the Game Room Champ Website

Game Room Champ can make the decision for conversion top table tennis accessories all the more easy too. For example, the Killerspin Paragon Converstion Top is designed to fit a pool or billiard table that is sized seven or 8 feet in length. Because the Killerspin table tennis conversion top is backed with foam padding, you don’t have to worry about scratches or marks marring the finish of your pool table either.

What’s more, this particular conversion table tennis top comes with two paddles and 3 ping pong balls as well. So, if you’ve just decided to take up ping pong, you’ll be well on your way to developing your skill level in this regard.

Ping Pong: A Popular Way to Socialize in the Late 1800s

Ping pong itself was a popular way to socialize in England in the late 1800s. At that time, it was known as table tennis or by the trade name Whiff-Whaff. When the name ping pong was introduced though, people began playing regularly. The name referenced the sound of the ball hitting the table. At that time, the game was considered to be less of a sport and more of an amusement.

Ping Pong: Now, A Competitive Sport

The manufacture of conversion top table top accessories began in earnest when the game was re-introduced in the form of a competitive sport. Because of the implementation of standardized rules and the formation of national associations, picking the right ping pong tables or table tennis conversion tops became important to players as well.

A Classic Game

That being said though, the basic form of the game has not changed since when it became a fashionable craze in the last part of the nineteenth century. However, game play is faster and more strenuous today, all which makes it imperative that the specifications for paddles, balls, tennis tables, and conversion table tennis top furnishings follow certain standards or requirements.

Game Room Champ: The Place to Go for All Your Game Furnishings and Accessories

Fortunately, you can find conversion top table tennis accessories as well as tennis tables in one convenient spot on the Internet. Wait no more! Check out all the product offerings in our game room store.

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  • Unboxed - Call for Height x 60" W x 107.8" D - Weight 105 lbs.

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