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A pinball experience 65 million years in the making.


In 1993, following the release of Jurassic Park, Data East teamed up with Stephen Spielberg to create a Jurassic Park pinball machine that would be as much of a blockbuster as the film. Data East (or DECO) is known for incorporating high-profile titles into their games. Jurassic Park was one of the last movies brought to the world of pinball before DECO exited the market, and thus, is close to the peak of their production prowess.


Jurassic Park Pinball Machine incorporates many of the salient features of the movie, including a fully automated T-Rex that will eat your ball. Play is designed to mimic the tension and suspense in the film, and it has an automatic system that will suddenly “attack” your plays, requiring extra dexterity and skill. Things you’ll recognize in the game include:

  • The fossilized mosquito in amber
  • The control room
  • A Taser Stun Gun you need to use to beat the Velociraptor
  • And the T-Rex is coming!

The game also includes actual scenes from the movie with stereo sound, which you unlock during play. There are 11 mini-games included in the console, which you can unlock in the Control Room, as well as a couple of other surprises during play. Jurassic Park will certainly keep you on your toes!


Although it’s designed for only one simultaneous player, the Jurassic Park Pinball Machine can have up to four competing players. The game starts with the hand-gun shaped plunger that you can use to aim the first ball straight into the Turbo Bumpers. You can also start in Video Mode, where you can score extra points by shooting dinosaurs that cross your path.


You start off with 6 balls, and your mission is to achieve System Failure by getting the balls in the right places and pushing up your score. Hitting the Control Room, Ramp, Power Shed and other features will unlock letters for the word CHAOS, where you enter another 6 ball play round and can score extra points. In total, there are three multi-ball play rounds which you can unlock with different hit combinations.


The Jurassic Park Pinball Machine is a collector’s item, and machines in good condition continue to appreciate on the market. 9,008 units were built between April and August of 1993 making it one of the rarer games on the market and classified as “uncommon” by the Arcade Museum. It is, however, not one of the most popular titles, despite its distinctive image and immediate recognition. It’s a must for the consummate dinosaur fan and is often hard to find among collectors.


Our cabinet has been fully refurbished, is in good working order, and is ready for you to take on as soon as you get it out of the box. Share in the adventure of bringing 65 million years of history to life.


Jurassic Park is exemplary of terrific gameplay features along with the hottest licensed title in history! Own it today!

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