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Jukesboxes - Digital and CD Jukeboxes

Jukeboxes: “Happy Days are Here Again”

Jukeboxes: Popular Musical Machines from the 40s to the 60s

Jukeboxes regularly adorned diners in the 40s, 50s and 60s, and remain iconic images of that classic era. In fact, in the mid-40s, the machines received 75% of the records that were produced in the U.S. The traditional jukebox was a coin-operated record player that featured buttons with numbers and letters, which, when selected in combination, played a popular song. Player pianos were the first form of the coin-operated machine.

An Old-time Favorite: The 1946 1015 Bubbler

One of the old-time popular jukeboxes was the 1015 Bubbler made in 1946. The jukebox, which displayed 24 musical selections, is considered an icon of the pop culture world. The juke was designed by Paul Fuller of the Wurlitzer Company.

The 1953 Seeburg M100C

The 1953 Seeburg jukebox, model M100C, featured 50 45-rpm record choices, and could play a total of 100 songs. The colorful machine featured tubes made of chrome glass and a mirrored display.

Collector Machines

Many of the old jukeboxes are collector items, with some rare pieces valued as much as $35,000. For example, only 15 of the Rock-Ola premier jukeboxes are known to exist, with each being worth around $20,000.

The Most Popular Jukebox Ever

Today, you can buy replicas of the old jukeboxes for your game room or bar. For example, the CD Bubbler Jukebox comes in such finishes and designs as oak, peacock, or walnut. The walnut-finished jukebox holds up to 100 CDS and comes with four 7-band graphic equalizers. Featuring a self-adjusting laser, the CD Bubbler is a recreation of the most popular jukebox ever. This Rock-Ola model highlights handcrafted beauty with its triple-plated nickel, copper and polished chrome design.

The Fusion Internet Jukebox: Taking a Leap into the Present

Taking a leap forward in time, the NSM Fusion Internet Jukebox is noted as being the largest compact jukebox featuring a large screen. Highlighting a flat panel display measuring 32 inches across, the Fusion is the newest of display jukeboxes, providing instance impact with its vivid graphics and touchscreen performance.

An On-trend Machine

The modern jukebox, outfitted to be Internet-ready, supplies the latest music and includes auxiliary inputs for TV, microphones, and more. Attach the jukebox securely to the wall in your commercial establishment. The bill validator on the machine accepts bills in $1, $5, and $20 denominations. An on-trend machine, the Infusion retails at $5,495.00.

A Mix of the Past and Present: The CR12-2 MP3 Juke Deluxe

If your style is more retro, then take a look at the CR12-2 MP3 Juke Deluxe Jukebox. The machine features AM/FM radio, color-switching LED lights, remote, and CD player. Using the classic jukebox design, the updated Crosley player provides nostalgia and the latest in technology at the same time. 

Some More of the Features

The CD player can read WAV and MP3 files and the player also comes with an iPod docking station. So you can travel back in time while enjoying all the conveniences of today’s range of technologies. Featuring a 64-track memory, the jukebox offers an LCD display, bass enhancer, full range speakers, and decorative playlist.

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