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  • Conversion Class: JAMMA+
  • Number of Simultaneous Players: 1
  • Maximum number of Players: 8
  • Gameplay: Alternating
  • Control Panel Layout: Single Player
  • Controls:
  • Steering: X-directional yoke
  • Throttle Lever with thumb button
  • Sound: Amplified Stereo with Subwoofer (three channel)


  1. Details
  2. Dimensions
  3. Technical Specifications

"Full Throttle" Adrenaline Rush! You'll be master of the world's waterways when you're at the helm of Hydro Thunder, the turbo-charged super boat racing game that will leave all other racing games scattered in its wake. Choose your vehicle from a selection of thirteen speedboats, each with its own handling characteristics. Surge down Lake Powell, the Nile, or any one of eleven unique tracks from all around the world, all while discovering secret paths, hidden power-ups and special boat moves that will give you the edge you need to cross the finish line first. You'll encounter a variety of water conditions, from glassy lakes and waterfalls to stormy swells and flowing flumes. And thanks to Newtonian physics used in Hydro Thunderís design, you can experience your boat reacting to its 3D surroundings. A subwoofer in the seat that reproduces the rumble of the boat's engine adds intensity to a game so realistic that beginning and advanced players alike will be standing in line for a chance to feel the full throttle adrenaline rush that only a game like Hydro Thunder can give them."

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • Unboxed - 74" H x 30" W x 64" D - Weight 350 lbs.

  • Monitor:
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Type: Raster: Medium Resolution
  • CRT: Color


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