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Dome Hockey: A Review of Two Popular Brands

An Introduction to the Game

A table hockey game, dome hockey is also called bubble hockey, stick hockey, or rod hockey. Two players generally play the arcade amusement, which is fashioned after the game of ice hockey. The table is set up to replicate a hockey rink, with each player scoring a goal when he hits a small puck in the opponent’s net. Cutout figures on the game are operated with rods, which are used to direct player action.

How the Game Came About

Dome hockey itself is a 1932 invention, the brainchild of Donald H. Munro, Sr. of Canada. Short on cash because of the Depression, Donald and his family built the table as a means of entertainment during the Christmas season.

Popular Dome Hockey Brands

Tables today are indeed different than that first table, which was constructed with a coat hanger and metal and wood scraps. Popular brands include Super Chexx, Shelti Blue Line, and Carrom Signature.

Super Chexx Bubble Hockey

The Super Chexx bubble hockey table, which was initially referred to as Chexx Bubble hockey, was first established in 1982. The first games represented players from the US or Canada vying against players from Russia. In 1993, the Super Chexx game was produced, with subsequent tables featuring enhanced sound.

The Latest Super Chexx Game: Some of the Amenities

While older Super Chexx tables are collected by game aficionados, new Super Chexx games sell for about $3,000. The Super Chex Bubble Hockey game, currently priced at $2,899, features such amenities as:

  • A dome made of sturdy polycarbonate;
  • Enhanced sound and lighting upgrades for electronic scoring; and
  • Anthems for both Canada and the U.S.

Customize Your Table’s Look

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE), which created the Super Chexx Bubble game, provides a table hockey amusement that features six hockey figures and goalie per player plus simulation gameplay that is exciting and fast. Tables are offered with a split base for getting through a small doorway, 32 inches or less, and can be customized according to your preferences.

Coin or Free-Play Operation

Games are built for coin operation. However, they can also be set for free-play as well. The Super Chexx bubble hockey game takes only about 20 minutes to assemble as both the hockey figures and dome already come pre-assembled. The game can be played by either two or four players.

Extended Warranties

You can buy an extended warranty for the Super Chex Bubble Hockey game. Select from the Advantage 2-year option, priced at $359, or the four-year Champ Advantage option, which is $659.00.

The Carrom Super Stick Table

A game hockey table that is similar to the Super Chexx Bubble Hockey game, but designed for budget-conscious players, is the Carrom Super Stick table, which lists for just $799.99. Not only does the table provide flashing lights and sounds, it also showcases a sturdy 145-pound cabinet. Therefore, the table remains stable during gameplay but can easily be moved if you need to vacuum or clean.

What’s more, the vinyl legs on the cabinet are dent-resistant and therefore stand up well to wear and use. You can say the same thing for the dome too, which not only is shatter resistant but clearly displays the play field.  Assembly only takes 30 minutes of your time so you can start playing the same day that the table is received. Shop today and get your very own Dome Hockey game. 


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