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  • Defender - classic arcade game
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  • Conversion Class: Williams
  • Number of Simultaneous Players: 1
  • Maximum number of Players: 2
  • Gameplay: Alternating
  • Control Panel Layout: Single Player
  • Controls:
  • Joystick: 2-way (up, down)
  • Buttons: 5
  • Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)


  1. Details
  2. Dimensions
  3. Technical Specifications

Your mission, as Captain of the Defender, is to protect the humanoids stranded on the planet from their alien abductors. The scanner will help you determine strategy to shoot down the alien ships before they reach the humanoids. If you destroy the aliens only after they’ve captured their prey, you must return the humanoids to the safety of the planet or they will fall to their death. If an alien carries its victim out of your range, the humanoid will mutate, joining the alien force, and take to the assault with deadly vengeance! The challenge becomes ever more intense as action progresses. Fighter ships and mines will test your skill. A direct hit will destroy a mother ship but smash it into a swarming mass of mini-ships which then must be wiped out! And if you don’t act quickly, the cosmic baiter will attack! Use your 2 escape options only if all else fails! Your “smart bomb” power is limited and “hyper-space” puts you into an unknown time warp. But beware! If all humanoids are abducted, the entire planet will explode in a binding flash.                                                                                                              

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • Unboxed - 70" H x 26" W x 30" D - Weight 255 lbs.

  • Monitor:
  • Orientation: Vertical
  • Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
  • CRT: Color


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