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  • Two Models: Standard Sit Down Unit with 25" Monitor. Deluxe Unit with 33" Monitor
  • Improved Hardware - More Detailed Resolution and More Responsive
  • 12 Countries


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A cool driving game where you select from many different cars to compete in a global auto race.

Many more new cars await you as well as many new locales. Free games are awarded for winning each race. Perform certain tricks to get time bonuses. The world tour will take you around the world and back. There are on over four different continents. Go full speed in locations such as New York City, Hawaii, Japan, Russia, China, Africa, Australia, and more. Fans of the previous game will enjoy what this game has to offer. Secret cars and tracks can be unlocked using the various view buttons.A helpful hint to remember is to know what side of the road cars travel. This will help you to know what side of the road to drive on to avoid hitting oncoming traffic head-on.

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • Dimensions: 30" W x 64" D x 74" H, Weight: 350 lbs.


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