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About Our Crane Machines

No arcade is complete without a Crane machine. Sometimes they are called Claw Machines, and their particular attraction of winning a physical prize keeps them in vogue even as arcades have all but disappeared.

Although Claw Cranes are not as popular as video consoles, they are a favorite among young children. Adults who want to try their dexterity also find these fun distractions particularly intriguing. This is why you can find them all over the place, from hotel corridors with plush dolls for children to pubs or restaurants where young men try to impress their date.

Here, at Game Room Champ, we have quite a selection of the most popular Crane machines to fit your needs. Some machines come specifically designed for certain functions, while others can be configured for alternative roles.

Everyone knows and loves the standard Grab-N-Go Metal or Mr. Claw crane machines for picking up plush animals, and we sell them right here on our site. These machines can be configured with different sized claws to adapt to different sized toys or prizes. Similarly, there is the 24” Lil’ Plush Crane which fits neatly into places where space is a premium, but still offers an attractive color scheme as well as a large window for higher prize visibility.

Jewelry Box and its Gold version, like their names suggest, are Crane games designed specifically for smaller prizes, like jewelry or electronics. Unlike the traditional cranes, prizes are arrayed in a grid on the bottom of the glass case.

Another popular variety is the Snack Attack 24” which has prizes consisting of popular candies or other food goodies. Its smaller size is designed to fit into a convenient area, but it still has an attractive bright color scheme. Additionally its crane or claw can be modified to fit different sized prizes.

The most successful Crane machines come in bright colors to attract people looking for a moment’s distraction. Usually people don’t play claw games for extended periods, unlike other cabinet games. Most machines can be programmed by the owner through a wide variety of settings to determine the payout percentage. Depending on the prizes in the box, the owner can program the claw aperture and strength, motion speed, and even an on-board computer to calculate pay out rate and establish a fail limit.

With over thirty years of experience buying and selling arcade games, Game Room Champ has enough experience to know what games are popular. Our expert staff will be happy to help you set up your games to suit your needs, as well as customize your new Crane machines to your specifications.

Browse our broad selection of Crain games to find what suits your interests. Our convenient online catalogue makes it easy to compare prices and capabilities of each machine so you can find the best match. We have a 100% Enjoyment Guarantee and a Hassle-free Shipping process you can read about to the left. When you make your decision and are ready to buy a Crain machine, Game Room Champ is the best option. Order yours today! 


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