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  • Heavy, 145 pound cabinet will not move during play, yet it is easy to move for cleaning and vacuuming.
  • Cabinet and legs are covered with a heavy, glossy vinyl which is highly resistant to wear and use. The vinyl on the legs and the leg materials will resist denting by a vacuum cleaner and use.
  • Glossy white, polished fiberglass rods will not bend and retain their straightness.
  • Realistic and lifelike players in red and blue colors add to the red, white, and blue, Made in USA message that this game projects.
  • All sliding and gear mechanisms feature moving clutches, made of self lubricating space age plastics to extend life and prevent binding as well as protection during rough play.
  • Rubber handles provide a sure, cushioned grip on the non-bending polished control rods.
  • The smooth action puck return mechanisms allows immediate restart after each goal.
  • Rubber leg boots provide both a means for accurate leveling and eliminate any table movement associated with a screw in leg leveler.
  • Toll Free technical and assembly information service allows you to talk to an engineer if ever needed.
  • Playsurface has rugged protective coating over all graphics and colors to add to the life and beauty of the game.
  • Game assembly is less than 30 minutes with all necessary parts and complete instructions included with the game for ease of assembly.
  • All game components are exclusively engineered by Carrom using its 100+ years of game and toy making experience and expertise.
  • This game is finely constructed by Carrom in Ludington, Michigan using only the most durable of construction materials to provide years of rugged play enjoyment.
  • Dome prevents spills and messes from beverages and keeps the playfield dust free.
  • Dome is highly shatter resistant and allows clear vision from all angles of play.
  • Dome is easily removed even after game assembly.
  • Dome comes complete with start play puck entry area to begin play in a fair manner.
  • Scoring unit creates play excitement with sound and lights.
  • 45 Pound Particleboard Cabinet with Black Marble and Assembled Using a Steel to Steel Assembly Technique for Superior Strength.
  • Playsurface is _"" Thick Tempered Masonite with Coated Graphics.
  • Legs are Miterfold Construction Covered with Black Vinyl with Legboots for Easy and Accurate Leveling.
  • Scoring Unit Times Periods and Acknowledges Each Goal with Light and Sound.
  • Scoring Unit Displays Cumulative Scores
  • Scoring Unit May Be Reset at Any Time and Will Shut Down After Two to Three Minutes of Non-use
  • Legs Attach Using (4) 3/8-16 Bolts.
  • Rods are Solid Fiberglass and are Integrally Assembled to the Gear Housing.
  • Gears are Precision Injection Molded of Delrin for Long Wear and Self Lubrication.
  • Gears Include an Internal Slip Clutch to Prevent Damage to the Gear During Play.
  • Dome is Manufactured From .080"" Thick Shatterproof PETG and is Assembled to the Cabinet Using (6) Velcro Strips for Easy Removal.
  • Game Includes Two Pucks.
  • Original Manufacturer Warranty is Included.


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Looking for some hot hockey action? This game comes complete with flashing lights and sounds to make you feel like Mario Lemieux when you score!

  • Boxed - 58" H x 36" W x 25" D - Call for Weight
  • Unboxed - 47 1/16" H x 33"W x 58" D - Weight 148 lbs.

  • Model #415.00
  • Game is Fully Assembled Except for the Legs and Electronic Scoring Unit


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