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  • Aliens Extermination Deluxe Arcade Game
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  • 2 player simultaneous co-op action
  • Original licensed characters
  • State if the art arsenal including the M41-A Pulse Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, & Missile Launcher
  • Power ups for: Health; Ammo; Grenades; Missiles; Flame Canisters
  • 4 levels of nail biting action
  • 2 different play modes – story and chapter


  1. Details
  2. Dimensions
  3. Technical Specifications

GLOBAL VR and Twentieth Century Fox have teamed up with one of the coin-op industries leading game developers, Play Mechanix, Inc. Founded in 1995 by George Petro; a former game designer for Midway Games, Play Mechanix has established itself as one of the industries leading developers of games for the coin-op and gaming industries. Hits such as Invasion The Abductors and Big Buck Hunter are examples of the successful products developed by the company. When asked about this new project George commented, This is by far the most exciting new product weíve worked on in a long time. Its not every day developers get a chance to work on such a high profile title. We intend to help make this game the biggest hit the coin-op industry has seen in years When asked for comment about the new development effort, Jim DeRose, GLOBAL VRs President and CEO commented, The title Aliens is synonymous with excitement and terror. Since the introduction of the very first movie 25 plus years ago movie goers and game players know that Aliens will deliver a unique and visceral experience unlike any other. Enjoy the thrill of hunt and the terror that is uniquely Aliens. The newest incarnation of the game takes place after Ripley and the surviving Colonial Marines leave planet LV426. A mop-up operation headed by the colonial marinesí returns to the planet to finish off the Alien population that ravaged their troopís years before. In the game the players take control of one of the best weapons in the Colonial Marine arsenal the M41A 10mm Pulse Rifle, over and under, with a 30mm grenade launcher. This is not just another bug hunt Itís been years since the Colonial Marines left planet LV426 and the Alien population behind. Its time to go back to finish off the Alien monsters and more The world seems familiar, but the scenario is not. Since the Marines' last visit, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has reprogrammed an army of synthetic humans to stop anything from getting in the way of the development of their deadly Bio Weapons. Itís not as simple as just killing the Alien Queen any more. . . .

  • Boxed - Call for Dimensions & Weight
  • Unboxed - 80" H x 36" W x 56" D - Weight 450 lbs.

  • Hardware Features:
  • Force feed-back gun action
  • USB Guns with patent pending interface technology
  • Edge-lit control panel & Unique 3d edge-lit marquee
  • Back-lit speakers that enhance the game play experience


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