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Amini’s Galleria has been in the game room business for over 33 years. Family owned and operated since 1975, we have 5 showrooms in three states and own and operate more than 130,000 sq. ft. of retail. In the past, it seems on-line consumers have been forced to purchase merchandise from companies they did not really know; companies without a brick and mortar backbone so you could know exactly with whom your invested was being made. THAT HAS CHANGED.


Welcome to Game Room Champ – the e-Commerce division of Amini’s Galleria. Now you can buy from a name that is trusted and have confidence that, no matter where you live, there is a company that cares about you! We the LARGEST game room retailer in the United States, are members of all certified trade organizations and have won the Billiard Retailer’s National Store Design of the Year. 


Beware of other on-line dealers that promise everything, but the fine print says otherwise. We are here to deliver exactly what we commit to ensure that you receive service beyond expectations. Thank you for making us the nation’s #1 Game Room Retailer, and we look forward to serving you.

Our Mission:

juke box for sale

We want to ensure that our customers are playing our games and having fun. We create happiness by getting the family together and having our children and all our friends at home. We do not want to sell any game. Rather, we want to sell games that the entire family will enjoy keeping our customers coming back for many years to come.

Choosing who to trust when investing in family fun is an important decision. Our customers’ expectations are high, and we are here to advise, respond and service at unprecedented levels.


Very truly yours,
Mack and Arash Amini


17377 Chesterfield Airport Road
Chesterfield, MO

Award Winning Champ Stamp of Approval:


Choosing who to trust when investing in family fun is an important decision. Quality-assurance standards are important as we guarantee the highest levels available on line. We are Direct, Accredited & Authorized dealers of all our brands, and employ a rigorous inspection of all details before shipping bringing your every purchase protection backed with our Award Winning Champ Stamp of Approval that can be found only with us.


  • Certified & Accredited by National Better Business Bureau, Trusted Commerce, Square Trade, Authorize.net and many other accreditation agencies bringing your investment the highest possible levels of Nation-Wide protection.
  • Highest Warranty, Selection & Inspection Quality Standards in the Industry. 
  • Brand New Games – we are directly authorized dealers of all the new products that we sell. Ask one of our brands who to trust and protect your investment with an answer both exciting and comforting as we at GAMEROOMCHAMP are one of the very few that are selected by all brands to represent and service their products. BEWARE – of resellers. Most on-line companies are RESELLERS of new equipment, and cannot protect your purchase through the manufacturer. ALL our new products ship BRAND NEW in original factory packaging with all factory materials and warranties. Refurbished / Pre-played Games – We perform a Quality-Assurance process with every game that includes the cleaning, testing and retesting, at minimum, of all parts, joysticks, buttons, monitors, electronics, cabinet strength, housings, cables, fuses and other details you should not have to worry about.
  • Top Rated Enjoyment & Family Fun Factor. We want to insure that in two years from your purchase you are still playing your games and having fun. Getting the family together for special occasions and having your children and friends at home is part of our mission statement. We assure you a selection of games that are not only tested at the highest quality standards, but are tested at the highest standards of FAMILY FUN. We want you to keep coming back for more!


Selection Made Simple:


Our years of combined staff experience, national game report studies, and top quality site standards create a simple shopping environment that help you make the perfect selections for you and your family. With over 2,000 game options, choose from the largest selection available anywhere on-line or put the perfect collection of games that the entire family can enjoy together with our game room packages.


  • Over 2,000 game options to choose from – LARGEST ANYWHERE!
  • Game Room Collections – putting a combination of games together that get mom, grandpa, and your kids and grandkids together is our mission. We have arranged through customer feedback game room packages to further enhance and simplify your shopping experience, AND save you $$$.
  • Top Sellers & Related Products – You will find throughout our process the nation’s Top Sellers and Related Products to help inform you of what other consumers are purchasing and having the most fun with their family.
  • Recent History – Due to the overwhelming nature of our inventory selection, all item pages will remind you of what games you recently visited to help while compare games so that you make the best possible decision.
  • Brand Selection – We make it so that you do not have to worry about which brand to trust. TRUST Game Room Champ as our brands must meet the highest levels of security and warranty standards for us to even consider offering them to you!


Export Packages Available:


As we are the largest game room site anywhere in the world, we ship our games everywhere. Whether you are in Canada, East Asia, Europe or South America, call 877-355-GAME (4263) or email sales@gameroomchamp.com for your customized shipping quote that will include our Champ Stamp of Approval only found with us and the highest quality shipping and packaging standards to assure easy and ready to play features in all our games.

100% Enjoyment Guarantee:

With more added value services that you can find anywhere in the world, only on Game Room Champ can you find the opportunity to play games with your family for a week, and then return a game without any restocking fee.

7-Day 100% Enjoyment Guarantee: “GRC” offers every consumer protection for 7-days following the acceptance of delivery to return any merchandise for any reason for a full refund less all related shipping costs .

45-Day 100% Enjoyment Guarantee: “GRC” offers every consumer protection for 45-days following the acceptance of delivery to return any merchandise for any reason for a full refund less a 15% restocking fee and all related shipping costs.

*See Terms and Conditions for details

Personal Shopping Consultants:


Making the perfect game selection with so many choices is fun, but not the easiest task. Our mission is to not sell you any game, but to sell you the game you and your entire family will enjoy for many years to come. Ask us anything such as game experience ratings, reliability, condition, collectability, style, recommended age for players, dimensions and space design/planning, top sellers, shipping details, installation or any other questions you may have. We are here for YOU and are HIGHLY trained and experienced to ensure that your experience with us will you bring you back for more and more family fun.


"Your expectations when planning a game room should be high, and we are here to advise, respond and service you at unprecedented levels!"

Lifetime Technical Support:


In addition to our No-Worry, Hassle Free Shipping Process (link here) & our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (link here), we offer lifetime technical support via telephone and email on all merchandise you purchase from us to original purchasers only in a residential, home setting.


Let one of our many technical service consultants help guide you through and troubleshoot any questions you may ever have, for the LIFE of the game! Our response time is effective and efficient providing you highly reliable information that have grown us into the most trusted game room dealer anywhere in the world.

Champ Package Pricing (CPP):


Save thousands of dollars when you purchase multiple games. As most game rooms whether for home or commercial use typically have room for more than one game, we are constantly asked for package discounts.

Champ Package Pricing (CPP)– most items on our award winning site have a Champ Price and a CPP price. Here’s how it works:


  • Champ Price – our normal selling price when you purchase a single game (plus any applicable fees such as shipping).
  • CPP – it’s simple, when you purchase more than one game and one of those games has a CPP price, receive package pricing and get the CPP price on the games that have the lower CPP price!


  • What if I am purchasing two games and only one game has a CPP price? Receive the lowest marked price on the games you see. In this case, Champ Price on one and CPP on the other.
  • What if I am purchasing many games, will I get the CPP price on the games that have a CPP price? Absolutely, when you purchase more than one game, you will always get the CPP price on the games that have a CPP price, and the Champ price on the others.
  • What if I only purchase one game and it has a CPP price, will I get that lowest price? Although we wish that we could offer that, our Champ price is already so low that, unless you purchase more than one game, you can’t receive the CPP price on just the one game. Remember, the more you buy the more you save. Look to see if that item has free shipping or qualifies for the free promotion – you will still receive that!
  • What if I am purchasing 2 games and they both have a CPP price, will I get the CPP price on both games, and will I get the free promotion as well? Congratulations, you will get the CPP price on both games, and you will get the free promotion unless an item specifically states it does not qualify for the free promotion. You will still get the CPP price on both items however.


Largest Selection of Reputable Brand Names:


We have the largest selection of names you can trust available on-line anywhere. With over 2,000 game room options, we are the only store where you can find everything imaginable for your game room GUARANTEEING that you have seen everything.


We only offer games from the most trusted brands and their most reliable games. You will not find just any game. You will find Top Sellers with High Game Experience Ratings & Condition.


Choose from an entire selection of brands such as Valley-Dynamo, Stern Pinball, Champion Shuffleboard, Incredible Technologies, Namco, Rock-Ola and many more! We are Direct, Accredited & Authorized dealers of all our brands, and employ a rigorous inspection of all details before shipping backing your every purchase with our Award Winning Champ Stamp of Approval. In addition to the thousands of games we offer, we probably have any game you could possible imagine so do not hesitate to fill out our game inquiry form and we will immediate get back with you with details.

No-Worry, Hassle-Free Shipping Process:


Game Room Champ offers the very best shipping opportunities for all our products!


  • “The Champ-Triple-Test” is conducted before every shipment to ensure that all details including game performance, lights, fuses, and cabinet condition are in working order before any shipment leaves one of our warehouses.
  • “Shipping Insurance Coverage” is included and given as added value at No Charge on every item we ship regardless of the price or Champ Package Price Discount.
  • “White-Glove In-Home Platinum” – We are the only on line game room store that offers platinum white glove services including up and down multiple stairs (not just one) and one hour of on-site additional labor for assembly!
  • “Real-Time Support & Tracking” – you will receive an email immediately upon shipment that will include all tracking information for your new and exciting purchase. Any questions, call or email any time as our “Real-Time Support Team” is ready to assist you for no additional charge. Call toll free as many times as you wish as we would love to hear from you!



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