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  • Light all 9 pockets for a perfect game and bonus tickets.
  • Pocket targets light up after sinking the ball.
  • Double your score when you light 3 pockets across.
  • Single units available bonus marquee.
  • Original manufacturer warranty is included.


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ICE's newest alley roller is now in production. A unique twist that will compliment your lineup of iceball or dunk n' alien games. The more "pockets" that you light up in a row the more points you score. Light up ALL nine pockets and win the "perfect" game bonus. The perfect game bonus marquee is available for a single game or LINK multiple games using the overhead bonus. In conjunction with the lighted pockets, the sounds of this game are awesome!

  • Boxed - 84" H x 30" W x 120" L
  • Unboxed - 67" H x 30" W x 91" L

  • Call for technical specifications


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